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Cleveland Plastic Surgery Case of the Week-Rhinoplasty

August 29, 2011

This patient from Clevealnd, Ohio came to see Dr. Medalie of Clevealnd Plastic Surgery for nose reshaping. She wanted to retain her nasal structure but have a smaller more refined appearance. She did not like the width of the nose, her dorsal "hump" and the width of her nasal tip. She underwent an outpatient procedure on the west side of Clevealnd and after the procedure was very pleased with her new nasal contour. Pictures are shown at 9 months following surgery.

    Rhinoplasty Before                                   Rhinoplasty After


     Rhinoplasty Before                                   Rhinoplasty After


Cleveland Plastic Surgery-Case of the Week -Rhinoplasty

July 28, 2010

This plastic surgery patient from Cleveland, Ohio contacted Dr. Medalie with a complaint of nasal asymmetry. She felt that the tip of her nose was bulbous and had bulging cartilage on the right. She also was concerned with a dorsal hump and the general wideness of her nose. Dr. Medalie decided to perform an open rhinoplasty with reduction of the dorsum and nasal tip. She had refinement of the tip cartilage and a slight curve created on top of the nose to give her a more feminine appearance. Post-operatively she was very pleased with her cosmetic surgery.

Cleveland Plastic Surgery -Case of the week- Rhinoplasty

April 5, 2010

This rhinoplasty patient from Akron, Ohio came to Dr. Medalie seeking minimally invasive nasal recontouring. He complained of a bump on his nose and wide nasal bones. He was reluctant to undergo a big procedure and asked if the surgery could be done with no external incisions. dr. Medalie agreed and performed a closed rhinoplasty with incisions all inside the nose. The dorsal hump was removed and the the nasal bones at the base were narrowed. The patient is shown 9 months later with a thinner and narrower nose that still retains a masculine appearance.